Mookie Wilson

Rogue (Human)


Mookie is the classic case of youthful exuberance. He is skilled with the shuriken and blade, and is an amazing athlete, a skillset that would make him ideally suited to be a stealthy assassin. The problem is that Mookie would rather flame out fantastically than ply his trade carefully. He is an enigma, going against much that you would expect from a rogue. He is brash, often thumbing his nose at authority simply to get the attention he craves. If he has the opportunity to sneak up on an enemy to have it meet it’s maker on the business end of his blade, he would rather show off, waiting until the moment that he can use his ample skills to do some stupid flip or flashy move with others watching. But Mookie respects Tarongrim, and will look to him for approval. Tarongrim is the only one who can keep Mookie’s cockiness and carelessness in check.

Mookie’s parents were murdered by orcs when he was a preteen, and this scavenger basically looted and scavenged the keep to survive. Tarongrim saw potential in Mookie, and Mookie is forever indebted to him for his kindness in more or less taking him under his wing.

Mookie Wilson

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